Access Control Systems

What is Access Control?

Access Control is the system used in order to authorize the entry of only approved employees, visitors and others into a specific area. For physical security, access control devices may be enforced by personnel, such as a guard, or with a device, such as a turnstile or reader. Access control can also be achieved by mechanical means, such as locks, keys, and systems. Essentially, Access control is used to allow authorized personnel into a specific building or perimeter, allowing business, schools and other facilities the ability to deny access to those that are not on approved lists or to deny those who may potentially pose a threat to others.

NetAXS-123 - Web-based access control starting at one, two or three doors.


If you thought access control was out of reach, take a look at NetAXS-123. An easy to use web-based access control system, NetAXS-123 grows with you as your business grows. It’s a cost-effective way to protect one door at a time. Access control has never been this simple.

Attainable Access Control

NetAXS-123 can help you secure your facility, manage employee access, monitor locations remotely and run reports easily. And it’s perfect for smaller sites such as restaurants, convenience stores, medical clinics, or health clubs. The superior scalability means you can purchase the exact amount of access control you need now—and add doors later as your business grows. Because it’s web-based, it’s a snap to learn how to use—just log on and you can access your system at any time, from any location. NetAXS-123 completes our full portfolio of web-based access control for installations of any size.

Product Features:

  • Web-based system enables you to easily manage your
  • Access control anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Modular design makes adding doors easy and affordable
  • Compatible with 4-door NetAXS (NetAXS-4)
    • Add up to 120 doors downstream
  • Choice of enclosures for various installations:
    • Compact Plastic Enclosure for mounting right at the door
    • Standard Metal Enclosure for traditional mounting
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) or built-in power supply reduce wiring requirements to save money on installation

Customer Benefits:

  • Simple to install
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Grows with you as your needs change
  • Affordable solution

Video Add-on Kit

Video Add-on Kit

Adding video to your access control system doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The NetAXS-123 Video Add-on Kit allows you to bring video functionality to any NetAXS-123 panel. This gives you the capability to view live video and record video without investing in an NVR or DVR. Video recording is triggered by access control events that you define, so continuous recording is not needed. It’s an easy and affordable way to integrate video to verify your access control alarms and events.


The ability to communicate and identify visitors is an essential component to any access control procedure. The system includes the ability to remotely release doors and is ideal for office reception areas, high security rooms, shipping and receiving doors.

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