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Much of Security First, Inc. business is derived from referrals from satisfied customers. We would appreciate any referral you might send our way. Rest assured, we will take good care of them.

THE BEST PART! We pay for referrals. If your referral purchases a system from SFI, we will send you a Visa Gift Card for $50.00 Send as many referrals as you wish!

To take advantage of this offer, go to our website, in the Contact Us section, fill in the contact information for the referred party, and make sure YOUR NAME and contact information is listed in comments.

Newsletter - Volume 1 Issue 1

Service Van

Security First, Inc. (SFI) is a UL listed company that installs, services, and monitors electronic security and fire detection systems as well as video surveillance systems, access control systems, intercom, paging, and mass evacuation systems.

Our monitoring services include intrusion, fire, and sprinkler supervisory services, as well as various critical industrial processes.  We now offer remote home automation, with the ability to control your security, lighting and HVAC functions from your smart phone or workstation.

May 16, 2013

Security First, Inc. is pleased to present our first newsletter designed to keep our customers informed about current security issues that may interest you.  We will be sending out promotions, sales, discounts, and newsletters to you periodically!  Feel free to visit our website from this email, along with our new Facebook and Twitter links at the bottom of the page!  As always, thank you for your business and have a wonderful day!

Thinking of switching your Telephone service to VoIP?

More and more households are switching their telephone service from analog lines to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

VoIP is great technology but it does not work well with your Security System when transmitting signals. This is especially true with Fire Alarm Systems. In short, the security system picks up the many drops in signal that occur frequently but we do not notice. This results in unwanted trouble signals being transmitted to the Central Monitoring Station, who then are required to notify you that the signal was received. More importantly, it could result in a transmission failure of a real signal.

The solution to the problem is to utilize cellular service, which eliminates dependency on all telephone lines. The service "Alarmnet" is a proprietary cellular network designed for use only for security service. Four reasons to use Alarmnet:

  • Eliminate dependence on landlines and their associated costs
  • Higher Level of security. No landlines for burglars to cut or that you can lose in a foul weather.
  • High resistance to loss of alarm signal due to thunderstorms and other adverse weather.
  • Alarmnet provides the ability for you to utilize our remote services. Remote services allows you to operate your system from anywhere. You can get e-mail notification of activity, or even view video from your home.

Before you switch to VoIP or if you have already, give Security First, Inc. a call to learn more about this great service. Please visit our website today! Security First, Inc.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, and highly toxic gas. It is produced when flame-fueled devices, such as heating systems, power tools, grills, and ovens, malfunction or are not properly vented.

CO detectors can be connected to the initiating circuit of a control panel that connects to a central station. Supervised detectorsprovide peace of mind by adding an extralevel of protection for situations in which residents cannot respond to an unsupervised alarm, such as when residents are sleeping, when the home is empty, or when residents are already suffering from the effects of CO.

CO Detector

SFI can help protect you and your loved ones from the "SILENT KILLER" today. To learn more about protecting you are your loved ones from CO, please visit our website and call us today to set up an appointment with us! Learn more on CO, call us at  610-777-8890

Thinking of Switching to VoIP?


We would like to inform you about the potential impact that new types of phone services may have on your security/life safety system. Commonly referred to as "VoIP" (Voice over Internet Protocol) and "digital telephone service," these new phone options are rapidly growing in popularity. These technologies allow you to make telephone calls via a broadband connection instead of using a traditional, "landline" phone service. The benefits include enhanced features and lower costs compared to the traditional service. Typically, these new types of phone services replace your landline service.

It is important that you are aware that these new services can adversely affect your electronic security/life safety system.

In almost all cases, your security/life safety system relies on proper operation of the telephone line, and its associated special security wiring, to reliably communicate alarm signals to the central station. There are several important things to consider before making the decision to use VoIP or digital telephone service.

  • With a self-installed VoIP service, such as Vonage or AT&T's CallVantage, your alarm system may lose its connection to the telephone service, rendering the system unable to send alarm signals to the central station. VoIP technology may also cause your alarm signals to get scrambled as they are sent to the central station.
  • With digital telephone phone services offered by your cable provider, your system may be unable to consistently and reliably send alarm signals to the central station. This technology may also cause your alarm signals to get scrambled as they are sent to the central station.
  • In addition to the security system's battery back-up equipment, VoIP and digital phone services may need additional battery back-up equipment to maintain communications in the event of a power failure.

Either way, there is significant risk that your security/life safety system will not be able to communicate an emergency signal to the central station.

We encourage you to check with us before making any changes to your existing telephone service. If you have already switched to VoIP or digital phone service, it is extremely important that you contact us now. We will arrange a service call to properly test your system and check the wiring.

For the utmost reliability, there are new security communications for Home and Business solutions available that use wireless transmission or the Internet to send alarm signals to the central station.

Remember to Test your system weekly!

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